Man in pick upElectronic Filing Cabinet: Documents for Tribal Business Offices

Request for reimbursement of expenses - If it hasn't happened to you, you have led a charmed life. One of your employees has used tribal vehicles for personal trips out of state to visit his grandchildren, and he used the tribe's credit card to pay for the gas! Maybe she brought in all six of her children and they helped themselves to $300 worth of back-to-school supplies out of your office cabinet. Now you need to write a letter requesting reimbursement of the tribe's money. Here is one example you can use.

Request for reimbursement of travel costs - employee - Too often, an employer is faced with a situation where an employee received travel funds in advance and then did not make the trip due to illness, family problems or other reasons. Unfortunately, the stipend for meals, hotel and transportation is not always repaid promptly, if ever. A sample letter requesting continued repayment can be downloaded here.

Request for reimbursement of travel - relative - Another too common problem, a board member or employee takes a relative along on approved travel, however, the tribe, agency or business credit card is used to pay for expenses for that relative. This type of expense should NOT be charged to the employer in the first place, but, too often, a supervisor or board member has approved this charge on the condition that the employee pays it back. Here is a letter for such circumstances emphasizing to the employee that repayment is expected. For future reference, we recommend establishing a policy not allowing this type of charge, no, not even for council members or board members, making that policy very clear and strictly enforced.


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