Siha Hanksa (Long Foot) Library of Tribal Leadership
An on-line virtual library dedicated to the study of tribal leadership, tribal ethics and tribal management.
A service of Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc.


NOTE: The links below are to free samples of the materials available in the Siha Hanksa Library. Tribal Leaders Institute members have access to the full library collection.

BOARD ETHICS - Podcasts on ethical issues facing boards .

DAKOTA VALUES - Articles, PowerPoints and podcasts on the four traditional Dakota values.

ETHICS IN OUR SCHOOLS - Tribal Leaders Institute ethics lessons applied to educational institutions.

HISTORY - The emphasis here is on Plains Indian history, as this is the area where our company is located and our staff includes personnel from several Great Plains tribes. Submissions or suggestions from other tribes are greatly appreciated.

NEWSLETTERS - Special issues on ethical topics from Miniwakan News and Spirit Lake Tiyospaye.

THEORIES OF ETHICS - Research on moral development, changes in ethical views across generations, ethics development in organizations, and the impact of education on ethics.

TRIBAL ETHICS - Why are tribal ethics important? What would a truly ethical reservation look like? What can be achieved by an ethical renewal in reservation communities?

VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS - Ethics on the web. There are 86,400,000 pages that refer to ethics. We have selected those we found most thought-provoking and practical.

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