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Virtual Field Trip: Ethics on the Internet



-- Podcast on morality: May start a little slow for some on its discussion of the biology of morality and chimps, but keep listening to hear everything from preschoolers drawing blood to a penitentiary with unbelievable solitary confinement.


American Indian College Fund blog post on What make's a leader? Short, but thought-provoking. How many of these traits are really critical and how many would be just 'nice to have' in a leader?

The Josephson Institute of Ethics discusses ethical issues in a wide variety of areas. Our favorites are:


Ethics for the future: the Aspen Institute wins our thumbs-up for most thought-provoking site.

little boys from Spirit LaeIts Business and Society program is a must-read. They discuss the need to change from short-termism to long-term thinking and ask organizations to commit to creating value for the long term. What does that mean? Read through their site and find out. Don't miss the Aspen principles that can be downloaded from this page. Also recommended is Judith Samuelson's article in Directors and Boards magazine, also linked on this page.

The Ethics and Social Responsibility section of the free management library is a useful resource. A few pages here to be particularly recommended are:

  • 10 myths about business ethics - makes some good points. In discussing the myth that "ethics can't be managed" and such actions as writing a code of ethics don't matter, the author points out that the Ten Commandments is simply a written code of ethics. Whatever one's religious persuasion, it is hard to deny that this code has made a major impact on the lives of millions of people.
  • Ethics Management Programs: An overview - few people will probably agree with every point here, for example, "value forgiveness". Is that really a good idea? If a person has committed an unethical act once, is "forgiven" and then does it again, couldn't that make you more liable for fines, sanctions from funding agencies, etc. ? Some of the points are hard to argue but do remind you of important facts, such as you must have complete support from your organization's chief executive. That word "complete" is pretty important.
  • Developing codes of ethics - if you have even the slightest interest in developing a code of ethics, this page is worth reading.

Ethics Forum - sometimes gets a little far afield from ethics, but with 47, 250 posts and adding more by the day, it certainly is the largest site of its kind on the Internet.





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