Siha Hanksa (Long Foot) Library of Tribal Leadership
An on-line virtual library dedicated to the study of tribal leadership, tribal ethics and tribal management.
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Ethics in Tribal Leadership: Lessons from Sitting Bull is a powerpoint presentation by Dr. Erich Longie outlining traditional Sioux virtues applied to contemporary management.

Ethics in Indian Country - a special issue of the Miniwakan News (August, 2007), focused on ethics.

Help is on the way! - this issue of Spirit Lake Tiyospaye newsletter explains how an ethics program can help support those tribal workers who sincerely do want to be ethical.

Tribal Leaders with Character - click on the link to go to an entire course on-line, available free to the public. This course served as the pilot version for our current Introduction to Reservation Ethics course

Tribal Leaders Institute: What, who, why and how - a brief PowerPoint introduction to the course, the program and the company that developed both of these.


Tribal boards - why they are important, what we hope to change.

What if we succeed in changing our ethical landscape? (Podcast) Dr. Longie shares his view of how an ethical transformation would impact reservation daily life.

Why tribal ethics? - ( Podcast ) In this short audio clip, Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc. president, Dr. Erich Longie, explains his rationale.

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