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Honesty and Self-responsibility - April, 2010 - "This month’s newsletter will consist of two short articles instead of one long article. The first article, Don't Let Your Ethics be Defined by Other People, Circumstances, or Your Character Weaknesses, is actually the introduction to all my ethics courses, but I want its message to reach more people than just the ones who take my course. The second article, Lies, Liars and Tribal Leaders, is also one of my blogs, but I also thought its message pertinent enough that it warranted a spot in my newsletter."

Arrogance - March, 2010 - Can arrogance ever be a good thing? Read this month's issue for examples of when arrogance might actually help in a difficult situation.

Nepotism - February, 2010 - This month's feature article is on the meaning and impact of nepotism on and off the reservation.

Moral Courage - January, 2010 Dr. Longie discusses the moral courage displayed by University of North Dakota administrators in publicly questioning the position on the Fighting Sioux logo espoused by the Board of Higher Education.

Are you calling me a liar? - December, 2009 Results of our surveys on ethics.

Am I the Last of My Generation ? - November 2009 Dr. Longie wonders out loud how many tribal members still hold to the values he was taught growing up.

My Life as an Ojibwe Indian and Michif - October 2009 Guest columnist Willie Davis, an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, gives his perspective on growing up in two worlds, how it has affected him ethically and personally.

Special progress report on the Tribal Leaders Institute - September 2009 issue, "The Dakotas believed all creatures are equal. Of all these creatures, the Creator gave the power of speech only to us humans. Therefore, we should not commit a sacrilege to this gift the Creator has given us by gossiping about other people."

What I learned from cancer - August, 2009 - Dr Longie answers the question, "How are you doing?"

Ethics and self-esteem on American Indian reservations - In the July, 2009 issue, Dr. Longie talks about the different self-esteem issues faced by Native Americans under 40 and those over 40 and how these affect

What we all learned in ethics training - June, 2009

The Future of Indian country - This May, 2009 issue talks about the extent to which Native Americans, young and old, but particularly young, are being effected by the Internet and how elders can shape whether electronic media replaces our culture or strengthens it.

The Fighting Sioux Logo and Me - March, 2009, Dr. Longie talks about his life-long battle with the Fighting Sioux logo. "I was against the logo even before I knew it existed."

Who is Indian? Reservation culture vs. Dakota culture - the February, 2009 issue discusses the challenges in living a traditional lifestyle on one hand, and using one's culture as an excuse on the other.

Lessons from a Dakota mom - in the lead article in the January, 2009 issue Dr. Longie reminisces about his mother's teaching and modeling of Dakota values.

Honesty versus Living the Life of a Lie - in the December, 2008 issue of Spirit Lake Tiyospaye, Dr. Longie discusses on a personal and historical level the value of honesty in combatting unethical behavior, finding success and gaining respect.

Help is on the way! - the November, 2008 issue of Spirit Lake Tiyospaye newsletter explains how an ethics program can help support those tribal workers who sincerely do want to be ethical.

Ethics in Indian Country - a special issue of the Miniwakan News (August, 2007), focused on ethics.

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