Siha Hanksa (Long Foot) Library of Tribal Leadership
An on-line virtual library dedicated to the study of tribal leadership, tribal ethics and tribal management.
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The Four Dakota Values - (Podcast) Dr. Erich Longie, Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc. president explains the four traditional Dakota values of honesty, perseverance, courage and generosity.

Courageous Leadership - a PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Erich Longie, highlighting the differences in courage in leadership between the styles of Sitting Bull and Custer.

Honesty - a podcast in response to the question, "How do you answer people who accuse you of 'airing our dirty laundry' and 'blaming the victim'?"

Honesty in the workplace - a podcast where Dr. De Mars blames her research associate, Jennifer Rousey, for being involved a conspiracy with all other workers and employees to cause ethical and economic problems in America.

Honesty versus Living the Life of a Lie - in the December, 2008 issue of Spirit Lake Tiyospaye, Dr. Longie discusses on a personal and historical level the value of honesty in combatting honesty, finding success and gaining respect.


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