Siha Hanksa (Long Foot) Library of Tribal Leadership
An on-line virtual library dedicated to the study of tribal leadership, tribal ethics and tribal management.
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mini teepees made by class at Cankdeska CikanaThe emphasis in our collection is on Plains Indian history, as this is the area where our company is located and our staff includes personnel from several Great Plains tribes. Submissions or suggestions from other tribes are greatly appreciated, please contact Dr. Erich Longie.

Plains Indians Traditions, Customs and Spirtuality - in this presentation, Dr. Longie draws on the research literature to show how the traditions and beliefs of Native Americans provide an ethical base for modern tribal organizations.

Sitting Bull vs Custer: Lessons in Ethical Leadership - is a presentation for the Introductory Ethics course, Tribal Leaders with Character. In this presentation, Dr. Longie connects ethical issues facing modern tribal governments to the management lesson from Sitting Bull, as described in the book by Murphy and Snell.

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